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NTS-Timing offers a full range of services that can accommodate any track or cross country meet. NTS-Timing has the expertise to work with FinishLynx equipment.

NTS-Timing has exclusively invested in FinishLynx, Race Director and HyTek Meet Management software due to their reliability and modular functionality. We provide the following services:

  • Total Meet Management - NTS-Timing prides itself on managing every aspect of your meet, so you can sit back and relax. This includes: seeding, providing heat/flight sheets, timing and immediate posting of results to scoreboards, web, and print.
  • Timing Services  FinishLynx timing systems plus running time display for your event. . EXPERIENCED personnel to perform Hy-Tek “Meet Manager” duties.
  • Finishlynx computerized digital photo finish timing
  • Finishlynx Identilynx full frame synchronized camera
  • Ability to provide split/lap times for distance races. This information can be sent in real-time to announcers, video type displays (via ResulTv
  • Finishline Display Board - In case you do not have your own scoreboard we can customize our finish line board for your meet.
  • Printed and electronic (html, pdf, text) results provided to meet management, media, and sports information staff
  • Chip Timing --IPICO -- (for cross country). This allows for meet directors to do away with chute/pull tag operations. (Coming Soon)
  • Consulting Services - Just in case you already have your own equipment and need our expertise.
  • Online Data Entry - Athletics.net to streamline and automate the data entry process utilizing the web.
  • Results Generated to Runnerspace.com/Nv and Athletic.net- This keeps the fan at home right in the action.
  • Realtime / Live Results during the meet
  • Live splits stats (for distance races)
  • Web posted compiled results after the meet

  • Web posting of meet information, time schedules, entry lists, etc.


  • FieldLynx netbook computer available for field events. These are used to administer field events electronically.

  • SeriaLynx units that allow wireless serial connections to scoreboards, displays and wind gauges

  • Additional wind gauges available for jumps

  • Full Duplex wired and wireless communication devices--allows for “normal” conversation/communication between clerk/finishline/pressbox/timer/starter, etc.

  • Portable P.A.’s for starter

  • Wireless microphones for announcing

  • Gunless start system available -utilizes electronic bang/tone (as used in swimming) -may be the “wave” of the future in eliminating starter’s pistol

  • Portable battery packs and generator(s) available for remote power operations



For the 2012-2013 Season, NTS-Timing has instituted a new pricing structure to better suit our client's needs. We provide new and existing customers with the tools that generate quotes tailored to their requirements, thus allowing each client to pick and chose the specific services they desire. Simply contact us at NTS-Timing to discuss your unique needs. NTS-Timing is dedicated to giving you superior service. That is our promise!


Meet Rates and Fees


Track & Field

For a 1 day meet...$1.50 per meet entered athlete...FinishLynx Timing and HyTek scoring...Minimum $800.00

For a 2 day meet...$3.00 per meet entered athlete...FinishLynx timing and HyTek scoring...Minimum $2,000.00

For a 3 day meet...$4.00 per meet entered athlete...Finish Lynx Timing and HyTek scoring...Minimum $3,000.00

Meet director must use Athletic.net for on-line registration process using HyTek Meet Manager

NTS-Timing will set up your meet with Athletic.net for an additional fee of 25 cents per athlete.

Late registration fee: NTS-Timing is not responsible for errors made by coaches during the registration process. Any change is an athletes registration (ex: time update, late entry, etc) will come with an additional $3.00 charge per athlete. Meet director should pass that charge along to the team (coach).

**Includes...hip numbers and sprint wind gauge

**Includes meet results posted on web. RunnerSpace.com/NV and Athletic.net

**Does not include extra charges for personalized bib numbers and safety pins.

**Extra charges: Field event wind gauges...$100.00 each per day

**Additional mileage charge for meets outside of 50 mile radius of Las Vegas.


Cross Country/Road Races

$1.50 per entered athlete….includes meet set up on Athletic.net for online entries….Hand timing and

Race Director Scoring…Minimum $500.00.  Late registration (after posted deadline) $3.00 per late entry

**Additional mileage charge for meets outside of 50 mile radius of Las Vegas.

** Includes race tags and safety pins

**Includes meet results posted on web

**Does not include extra charges for personalized bib numbers and safety pins.

**Extra charge for FinishLynx photo finish timing…$300.00

$3.00 per entered athlete (Ipiko Chip Finish) includes all of the above. (Chip Timing Coming Soon)


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Finish Lynx Simulation